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27 April 2006 @ 07:21 pm
Schoolboy Error  
Nintendo's just announced the official name of their new console. It's called the 'Wii'. Pronounced 'Wee'. Comments from the /. and Eurogamer threads...

  • "I can't wait to get home and play with my Wii!"
  • "Will this run on my Wii?"
  • This year, my Powerbook become a MacBook Pro and now my likely console upgrade has turned into wee.
  • I love Nintendo, and I think the new console is going to rock - but naming it "Wii" is like naming your kid Richard when your last name is Head; you're just gimping them unnecessarily from the start.
  • That name just takes the piss!
  • i love it. I love wii.
  • I'm gonna show my Wii to all my friends, we're going to have so much fun with it!
  • Mario Wii? Zelda Wii?? Pokémon Wii???
  • I think I'll have a Wii in my lounge.
  • Urine the game with Nintendo Wii.
  • Man, I can't wait to sit there with my kids, waving my wee stick in front of the TV...
  • Me: "I'd like a 'Wii' please"
    Salesperson: "The toilet is just over there, Sir"
  • "Hey guys, wana come round my house and play with my Wii?"
  • So will only blokes be able to have a wii standing up?
  • Are you getting a PS3?
    What about an Xbox 360?
    I want to have a wii.
  • The Nintendo Wii.

    "It's Number 1!"
  • I'm going to sell my wii on ebay...
  • Lets all get ready for Mario Wii Party!!
  • I can't wait to use the aiming device in conjunction with my wii.
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